At Zero to Strong, we use the power of community to help women leaders take their next steps
by providing mastermind roundtables and networking opportunities to connect, learn and grow.


New Member Welcome

New to the Squad? Join us for a chat on what you can expect. You will meet members on the team, learn where to start, and receive information about our Virtual Mastermind Roundtables and Local Chapter Meetups. 


Virtual Mastermind Roundtable
Every Monday at 8 AM (CST) // Zoom

Our weekly Virtual Mastermind Roundtables are all about growing alongside your peers and accountability. We also understand that entrepreneurs have very specific needs that require expert help.  That is why we often invite "Strategic Advisors" to our roundtable sessions as well.  During this time, Squad members have the opportunity to learn, ask open and honest questions about any issues they are facing, and receive instant feedback and answers directly from experts in their field. There's no competition here! We learn, grow, spread positive vibes, and declare victory and success over our lives and businesses.

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Virtual Mastermind Roundtable Topics

Understanding Your Vision & Mission
Master Goal-Setting
Branding & Marketing
Social Media Strategies & Tools
Charging for Your Products and Services
Building a Community & Gaining New Clients
Gaining Confidence Within Yourself & Business
Public Speaking & The Art of Storytelling
Getting Access to Capital
Transitioning from Your 9-5 Into Full Entrepreneurship
Networking: The Entrepreneurs Practice Pitch

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Online Networking Events
Every Friday at 8 AM (CST) // Zoom
Open to the public

This is a great networking opportunity for women entrepreneurs to talk about their business, share and give advice, and collaborate. 

Local Chapter Meetups

At our in-person coffee chats, breakfast and lunch meetups, book clubs, and teambuilding events, you'll have fun, build long-lasting relationships, and grow. Be on the lookout for a chapter coming to your city. 


Become a Member of The Sisterhood Squad

Who is this for?

Small business owners looking to start or expand their business.

How long is the session?
12 weeks
The Virtual Mastermind Roundtable meets every Monday at 8 AM (CST).

When does registration open?
Registration opens August 15, 2022, but you can join the waiting list today.

When does the session start?
The next 12 week session begins online with New Member Welcome on
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 8 AM (CST)

What is the cost?
The total cost is $105 or you can pay $35 per month for 3 months

Join the Waiting List

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